Terrarium Cleaning & Care

The biOrb AIR is easy to look after. With routine maintenance and a few key tools, you can keep your plants healthy and your AIR looking great.

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Specially formulated remineralized water with low conductivity and reduced minerals to prevent condensation in your biOrb AIR. HumidiMist is used in the misting unit in your biOrb AIR.

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Polish & Cloth

biOrb terrariums are made with acrylic instead of glass. The astonishing clarity of the acrylic allows your biOrb to burst with color and life in a way you may never have seen before. Use biOrb High Gloss Polish on your biOrb terrarium to repel dust and resist fingerprints.

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Filter Cartridge

Housed within the biOrb AIR’s clean air system, the carbon filter absorbs odors while the fan circulates the air. We recommend replacing the filter cartridge every 3 months.

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