Enjoy a relaxing natural planted
wonder in your home


Inside a traditional, condensation filled, glass terrarium, it’s impossible to enjoy your plants exquisite colours and shapes.

The crystal clear dome of your biOrb AIR enables you to enjoy every facet of the wonderful tropical world you create.

But being perfectly suited to your home with its award winning, chic, minimalist design is not enough … how your biOrb AIR performs is equally important

- it needs to have ‘functional beauty’.


For example, the biOrb AIR is made with acrylic instead of glass.


Because Acrylic is incredibly strong.

What’s more, acrylic doesn’t have a green tint like thick glass always does. And allows 23% more light to pass through.

All this means the clarity of your biOrb AIR is astonishing. Allowing you to savour even the smallest detail of your planted world.

Which biOrb AIR is right for you?
Both biOrb AIR models let you landscape and cultivate your own wondrous natural world. But there are differences between the 2 models. Some of which may affect your choice. For example, if space is a limited, the 19.75 in. diameter of biOrb AIR 60 may be too big for you. And you’re better off with a biOrb AIR 30 if you want to grow semi-arid plants. Finally, if you want simple ‘set and forget’ control, the biOrb AIR 30 with its remote control is the model you need. The following table will make it easier for you to select the biOrb AIR that’s right for you.

  biOrb AIR 60 biOrb AIR 30
Dimensions (Dia x H) 19.75 x 22 in. 15.75 x 18 in.
Integrated Ring of LED Lights Yes Yes
24-Hour Light Cycle Yes - 12 hour day with sunrise and sunset Yes - selectable day length with sunrise and sunset
Color White / Grey White / Black / Grey
Whisper Quiet Fan Yes Yes
Replaceable Carbon Air Filter Yes Yes
Misting Unit Yes - adjustable with boost Yes - adjustable with boost
Water Reservoir Yes Yes
Water Level Indicator Yes Yes
Remote Control No Yes
Suitable for Tropical Plants Yes Yes
Suitable for Temperate Plants Yes Yes
Suitable for Semi-Arid Plants No Yes
Both models are manufactured to biOrb’s exacting standards. So whichever model you choose, you’re assured of biOrb’s renowned build quality. In the extremely unlikely event anything should go wrong, you don’t have to worry. You’re covered by biOrb’s no nonsense, 100% satisfaction, cast iron, 2 year guarantee.

Design inspiration

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