Service Kit x3 plus Water Optimiser


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  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR BASIC MAINTENANCE — Basic, routine maintenance can keep your biOrb aquarium clean and clear and its inhabitants happy. The Service Kit x3 plus Water Optimiser pack includes three (3) service kits, three (3) cleaning pads, a 3.4 fl. oz. (100 mL) bottle of water optimiser, and instructions.
  • QUICK-CHANGE FILTER CARTRIDGES — The filter cartridges contain clean mechanical filtration and chemical filtration. It is easy to change – a few simple twists are all it takes to perform this 4–6-week routine task.
  • ESSENTIAL WATER TREATMENT PACKETS FOR MAINTENANCE — biOrb Water Conditioner removes harmful chemicals, like chlorines and chloramines, and other heavy metals found in tap water. biOrb Biological Booster promotes bacteria growth in your aquarium, which reduces organic sludge that accumulates at the base of your aquarium and in the filter.
  • KEEPS ACRYLIC SHINY AND CLEAN — Cleaning pads have rough and smooth sides to remove any little algae spots, bits of dirt, etc from inside your biOrb aquarium.
  • BENEFICIAL WATER OPTIMISER — Improves biological filtration, removes impurities and benefits the well-being of your fish. It is 100% natural and completely safe; contains active bacterial cultures and minerals to promote bacteria growth in your aquarium. Add a dose every week to help keep your aquarium crystal clear.
What's included

Filter cartridge x 3
Acrylic-safe cleaning pads x 3
Water conditioner x 3 packets (5 ml) 
Biological booster x 3 packets (5 ml) 
Water optimiser x 1 bottle (3.4 oz / 100 ml)

Service Kit x3 plus Water Optimiser
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