EARTH RGB & Infrared Kit
Features These biOrb EARTH infrared and RGB LEDs complete the full spectrum of natural sunlight, the sun's invisible rays (near infrared), to provide natural warmth and the wavelengths required for reptiles The infrared wavelengths are the primary terrestrial wavelengths known...
EARTH Sunlight LED Kit
Features These biOrb EARTH long life Sunlight LED bulbs are the closest to real sunlight of any light available Use the EARTH app to select from three-channel control with 2,700K, 4,000K, and 6,500K color temperatures with a maximum total output...
EARTH UV Light Kit
Features These biOrb EARTH dimmable ultraviolet lights replicate the UVA and UVB rays your animals would naturally receive in the wild UV-A rays stimulate pigmentation. UV-B rays stimulate vitamin D3 synthesis from the precursor vitamin D2. Thin but highly efficient...
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