OASE GmbH offers a manufacturer’s guarantee under the conditions specified below; the respective duration of the manufacturer’s guarantee is marked based on the product. The guarantee period is also provided in text form with the product. The term of the respective guarantee period starts with the first-time purchase of the new product from the authorized OASE dealer. If the product is resold, the guarantee period does not start over again. The guarantee period is neither extended nor restarted through guarantee performances, nor do legal warranty claims arise on guarantee performances. If the guarantee is not expressly specified, then OASE provides a guarantee in the scope cited below: The prerequisite for claiming any guarantee from OASE, including the extension guarantee, is that the customer must have properly and exclusively installed original OASE spare parts when replacing parts, or for a repair or for any kind of improvement. If products from third-party manufacturers are installed, any OASE guarantee is rendered null and void.

At our discretion we provide a guarantee through free-of-charge repair or free-of-charge delivery of original spare parts, or of an equivalent replacement device. If the type in question should no longer be manufactured, we reserve the right, at our discretion, to deliver a replacement device from our product range that most nearly approaches the type that was the object of the complaint.

Reimbursement of expenses for removal and installation, checking, claims for lost profit and compensation for damage, as well as reverse transaction claims are not included in the guarantee, likewise more extensive claims for compensation of losses, regardless of the type, that have been caused by the device and its use, are not included in the guarantee. The guarantee only applies for the country in which the devices were purchased from an authorized OASE dealer.

Defects or damage due to faulty installation or operating error, as well as insufficient care or the use of unsuitable cleaning agents or neglected maintenance, non-intended use, damage, impact, the effects of freezing temperatures, etc., cutting of the plug, shortening the cable, limescale deposits or improper repair attempts, are not covered by the guarantee. In this respect, relative to the intended use, we refer to the operating instructions; compliance with the operating instructions is the basic prerequisite for any claim arising from the guarantee. Wear parts, e.g. bulbs, etc. are expressly not a component of the guarantee; wear parts are specified in the operating instructions of the products. If there is a guarantee claim, please contact the OASE dealer, who sold the product to you. If this possibility does not exist. Please contact us via this form.

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